Hey Judes Model Management was born out the request of several of Cape Town’s top working models to be represented by not just an agency where they would get lost in the numbers, but by an individual who had their best interests at heart, one that cared for them and their careers in the purest from, without any agenda or loss of self in an industry where it is so easy to become just another face – an agency that is run by someone who has a genuine long standing and highly respected reputation with clients, production and models alike – both locally and internationally.

There are no airs or graces here, no false pretenses or unattainable empty promises, just a family of people who respect each other immensely and who put professionalism, personal relationships and individual respect above all else.

Judy and her models respectively all hold their own and generate consistent highly acclaimed work in a very tough industry, and that says it all.

Hey Judes Model Management is a boutique model agency, based in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. The agency focuses on forging lasting personal relationships, while nurturing and managing each individual model’s career.